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Debbie Hughes

Thank you for visiting my website. As far as the obligatory bio page is concerned I think less is more. All I really care to to say is that I have achieved many of the goals I set for myself so far. Foremost among these was to see my work published. I've been fortunate enough to see my work grace the covers of, and included as frontisepieces in many wonderful books. I've also had numerous works published in magazines here in America and abroad. Nowadays, I'm concentrating on paintings that have been patiently waiting in my head and are now climbing over each other to get out and onto my easel. I think that at times an artist's life is a selfish one. I also believe, however, that an artist is a conduit for something that just might be bigger than themselves. Sometimes it's simply a matter of getting out of the way so it can come out. So, I devote most of my energy these days to paintings that illustrate our world, our struggles and our hopeful connection to something a bit beyond us. Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Debbie Hughes

October, 18 2012, Florida

For a list of published work clik here.

Please browse the galleries and enjoy, and feel free to contact me. All works are available as archival prints in various proportions under the size of 13"X19". Please bear with me as I update this site.